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Minimizing the Risks of Using Mobile Phones With Graviola

You treat your mobile phone as your other half, but in reality, you have a complicated relationship with it. You need to avoid the dangers of overusing your mobile phones with graviola supplements.

Health Hazards of Overusing Mobile Phones

Using your mobile phones is beneficial, but letting your device control your life is alarming. You must regulate your mobile phone usage because of the following hazards it poses on different parts of your body:

1. Brain

Mobile phones release radio waves or electromagnetic radiation, and your body tissues absorb them easily. Since you keep your phones close to your head, radiation usually penetrates the brain. The higher the radiation, the greater chances of developing malignant brain tumors.

Your phone’s radiation also causes brain deterioration. You become distracted when you use your phone while driving. The risk also targets passengers and commuters who use their phones while walking. Distraction breeds accidents and injuries.

Getting used to vibrations until they become a part of your body’s system is also dangerous. Most people become too dependent on their phones by checking them frequently for new messages. This produces false hopes and disappointments if expectations are not met.

2. Thyroid

Radiation coming from phones affect your thyroid in regulating hormone levels, producing higher TSH and lower T4 levels. A small alteration to thyroid hormone levels might affect your normal brain functions.

You can avoid the perils of radiation emitted by your mobile phones with graviola supplements and other natural remedies.

3. Male reproductive health

For men, keeping your phones inside your pockets makes you more prone to radiation. This kills sperm cells at a faster rate and damages the mitochondrial DNA of sperm cells, which can affect fertility and health of your future child.

4. Hands

Excessive use of mobile phones can affect your hands, fingers, and thumbs. You might develop repetitive strain and motion disorders when you hold your phone for a longer span of time. Your thumbs might incur blisters and sores from too much typing and texting.

5. Skin

You might develop contact dermatitis caused by metals, particularly nickel, found on your phone. Common symptoms of skin reactions to nickel include redness of skin, rashes, and blisters.

6. Ears

The acceptable volume should only be up to 60 decibels. Setting your mobile phones to a maximum volume, 100 decibels, damages your ears. This usually happens when talking to someone in a noisy place, listening to your favorite playlist, or watching trending videos.

From Cell Phones to Cell Protection

Even if technology makes life easier, this should not be an excuse to put your life at risk. Protect every single cell of your body from the negative effects of mobile phones with graviola supplements such as Organic and Kosher Certified Freeze Dried PURE Soursop - Graviola Capsules (also known as Graviola - Soursop - Guanabana and Guyabano).

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