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Managing the Effects of Caffeine in Acai Berry and Other Foods

As your body enters survival mode, you grab a cup of coffee to keep you awake and give you satisfaction. Coffee drinks contain caffeine, the most common psychoactive drug people take. Aside from the well-loved drink, caffeine in acai berry is also present.

Positive Effects of Caffeine

Some people are clueless that they can find caffeine in acai berry. If you consume more than enough, you might experience the same side effects of drinking too much coffee. However, when you take this fruit in moderation, you can enjoy these benefits:

1. Caffeine contributes to temporary alertness and better physical mobility.

The human brain produces adenosine, a molecule that keeps you awake throughout the day and sleepy at night. This is the reason most people classify afternoons as unholy hours for performing tough mental activities.

To cope with the demands, most workers drink coffee. Athletes also benefit from caffeine, if taken in the right amount.

Caffeine has the capacity to copy the functions of adenosine, making you more awake. If you opt for a healthier option, you can also munch on a handful of acai berries to experience the same effects.

2. Caffeine improves your mood.

Caffeine blocks the relaxing effects of adenosine and boosts your glutamine and dopamine (happy hormones). As a result, you feel happier, livelier, and more vibrant.

Previous studies also show that caffeine reduces the risk of incurring depression. This is why the ambiance of coffee shops provides a light and happy atmosphere. Caffeinated coffee drinkers tend to be more positive and less suicidal.

If you take acai berries, you do not only lower your chances of experiencing depression but also pump more antioxidants to your body.

3. Caffeine sharpens your memory.

There is no doubt that students who pull off all-nighters depend on coffee. Caffeine is helpful for retention of information, especially when studying for comprehensive examinations. However, this depends on the caffeine tolerance of a person.

If you decide to stay awake all night for finishing your work, you can also choose acai berry as an alternative. Compared to instant coffee, it has lower sugar content and has more natural components.

4. Caffeine increases your attention span.

Caffeine helps you focus on a single task, with the motivation of producing a desirable output immediately. It gives you the drive to stay stronger even if you feel discouraged and tired. Workaholics find this true, especially when beating deadlines and demands.

Acai berry also enables you to fix your focus. It gives you presence of mind to perform your tasks more efficiently. Add this to your quick fixes during crunch times.

Moderation Is the Key

Overconsumption of caffeine might result in different problems: suppressed appetite, anxiety, insomnia, addiction, high blood pressure, muscle breakdown, frequent urination, over-fatigue, and palpitation.

For best results, schedule and limit your caffeine intake. Aside from coffee, you can also find caffeine in acai berry supplements such as Organic and Kosher Certified PURE Freeze Dried Açai Berry Powder Scoop.

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