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Managing the Different Risk Factors of High Blood Pressure

It is important to know and understand the different factors that affect high blood pressure which can either be controllable or uncontrollable.

When asked how to lower your blood pressure, the first thing that health practitioners would tell you is to lower your sodium intake. Although this is true, most of the time, lowering your blood pressure is not as simple as decreasing your salt intake.

The fact is that there are two key influences which affect your blood pressure when combined. These two main categories are those which you can change and those which you can’t.

Uncontrollable Risks Factors of High Blood Pressure

There is nothing you can do when it comes to the uncontrollable risk for high blood pressure. However, it is important that you are aware of these factors so you can be more conscious of your lifestyle and diet to prevent high blood pressure.

1. Age

As you age, your risk of developing high blood pressure also increases. Individuals who have a higher risk for high blood pressure are men who are over 45 and women who are over 55.

2. Gender

Until the age of 55 years old, men are more susceptible to developing high blood pressure compared to women. But, after women go through menopause, their risk increases. At the age of 75, women are more prone to having high blood pressure than men.

For women who are taking oral contraceptives, their chances of developing hypertension also increase.

3. Family History

For individuals whose parents have blood pressure, their chances of developing the condition double.

4. Race

In the US, African-Americans as well as other minorities like Hispanics, Alaskan natives, and American Indians have a high risk of developing high blood pressure.

Controllable Risk Factors for High Blood Pressure

High blood pressure controllable risk factors are related to your everyday choices like your diet and lifestyle. These are some of the areas in your daily routine that you can control in order to help you enhance your blood pressure and eventually improve your overall health.

1. Diet

A diet low in sodium, saturated fat, and cholesterol can help you lower your blood pressure. In addition, a high-fiber diet which is high in minerals like calcium, magnesium, and potassium is also beneficial for you.

2. Activity level

People who adopt a sedentary lifestyle have high chances of developing high blood pressure compared to those who regularly exercise.

3. Smoking and drinking habits

Smoking and drinking have bad effects on your arteries and your cardiovascular system. The more you drink and smoke, the higher your risk is for developing hypertension.

You can manage the blood pressure controllable risk factors so you should start to look into these areas. You can start by improving your diet and increasing your vitamins and mineral intake by taking Organic and Kosher Certified PURE Açai Berry Pulp Puree Liquid.

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