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Managing Stress Without Medication

So you’re feeling stressed out. If your to-do list has gotten so large that you never seem to reach the end of it, and you find yourself trying to juggle your entire family’s worth of activities, you’re probably going to be very stressed out a lot. But there’s one thing you probably leave off of every list and calendar: setting aside some time for yourself to de-stress. Stress can lead to many different health issues, including obesity, heart disease, atherosclerosis, diabetes, and much more. Of course, if you’ve learned how to relax on your own without the intervention of medication, and if you make time to do this every day, you’ll find yourself feeling much less stressed, plus you’ll be healthier!

Ways of Managing your Stress

There are a number of different ways you can manage your stress. Many people turn to meditation. This lets you slow your heart beat, let your body rest, and gives you a chance to mentally retreat from the world for a few minutes. Even those who don’t need stress management often meditate simply to clear their minds and come at the day feeling fresh. All you really need to do is meditation for about ten minutes a day. In addition to combating any stress you’re already dealing with, it also has been show that meditation can make you less likely to get stressed out later.

Another good stress management technique is deep breathing. While it’s similar to meditation, it’s a technique you can use during a meeting or any other event where you need to relax. It also helps improve your circulation. All you need to do is simply focus on your breathing for a few minutes. Take long, slow, steady breaths in and out. This will lower your blood pressure, slow down your racing heart, and help relax your muscles. You can do it any time you feel stressed, but you can also take five minutes every now and then to really focus on your breathing.

Then there’s the idea of being in the moment. Your schedule is so full of things that you’re probably always thinking of the next five things you have to do before you’ve even finished what you’re currently working on. That can lead to a lot of stress. If you can temporarily block out those future events and simply be in the moment, you’ll be much less stressed out. One way of doing this is to make use of your cell phone’s timer or alarm. Instead of always looking at the clock, set an alarm for when you have to be somewhere else or start something new. Then devote all of your attention to the current project. Besides being less stressed, you’ll probably find that you’re also more productive!

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