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Making The Switch To Organic Foods

Many people love the idea of eating only all natural organic food. This food has never been touched by pesticides or any other type of chemical, so it’s completely free of any type of poisonous substances that could enter the body. A study done with children who made the switch from regular product to organic showed that all pesticides were removed from their bodies within a week. So what’s keeping you from making the change?

One of the problems is that it’s difficult to find organic foods in some areas. Large chain grocery stores may not carry that many organic foods. Farmers markets often do have organic fruits and vegetables, but they’re not open all year round in most places. There are a number of different co-ops that have opened up around the country, though. These co-ops offer fresh fruits, vegetables, and a limited selection of other foods that have been grown without the use of any chemicals.

But then there’s the other issue: cost. Organic fruits and vegetables are, unfortunately, more expensive to grow. There are a number of reasons why it’s actually cheaper to buy pesticides, but the main issue is that dealing with pests, poor growing seasons, and more can make organic foods very expensive.

Then there’s the fact that some people simply don’t want to eat organic foods because they don’t believe they are actually any healthier. It’s difficult to make people see reason when there are no strong studies that point to the benefits of eating only organic foods.

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