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Lower the risk of Breast Cancer with Fruits and Vegetables

Recent polls have indicated that over 2.5 million women living in the US have had a diagnosis of breast cancer.  This number includes those who are in remission, currently fighting their battle and have sadly lost their fight with this disease.  Doctors and researches have agreed that a good, healthy diet and regular daily exercise can help reduce the risk of this disease, as well as reducing its mortality rate.


Researches at the National Cancer Institute have recently issued a new study on breast cancer survivors.  Their study showed that woman who were diagnosed with an early stage of breast cancer and ate a diet rich in fruits, vegetables and whole grains had an 88% reduced risk of death over those who did not have this same type of diet.


This new study was called HEAL (Health Eating, Activity and Lifestyle).  It included 670 women who had been diagnosed with breast cancer along the West Coast of the USA.  The women were followed for 6 years and underwent questionnaires regarding their diets and physical activity at the 6 and 30 month mark.  Results showed that these women, over women with poor diets, had an 88% reduced risk of dying from breast cancer.


It seems easy enough to add good fruits and vegetables to our diets but research has shown that dark colored fruits and vegetables such as purple cabbage, kale, broccoli etc as well as whole grains restrict the growth of angiogenesis or otherwise knows as the blood vessels of the turmors.  With restricted blood flow, the cancer cells cannot grow and therefore die.  Studies are beginning to show that keeping angiogenesis at its earliest stage of development or growth of the tumor may help keep it dormant.


Researches concluded the HEAL study with a recommendation of regular exercise and including dark green and orange vegetables along with whole grains into our diets.


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