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Lessons to Learn About How to Lower Blood Pressure

Is it possible that you can lower blood pressure even without any medication? The answer and its success vary from person to person, but you can definitely make some lifestyle changes. Here are the ways you can do that.

Lower Blood Pressure Without Any Prescription Medication

Cut your sodium intake. Small cut backs in your sodium intake can lead to a 2-8 mm Hg reduction in your blood pressure. Aim to consume only 2,300 mg or even less sodium daily. Get into the habit of reading food labels and consuming less processed foods. Instead of salt, season your meals with herbs and spices to lower blood pressure.

Watch your waist and weight. Excess weight is a contributing factor to a spike in your blood pressure. Aim to lose about 4.5 kg. or 10 lbs. and this can already matter a lot in your blood pressure levels. Weight loss may also help your medications become more effective.

Avoid being stressed or anxious. These can increase your blood pressure temporarily. Take a hard look at the reasons why you get stressed so you will know how you can eliminate them. It will also help you find a way to reduce the stress in case you cannot stop it from happening.

Sweat it out with exercise. 30 minutes to an hour of physical activity every day can lower blood pressure by 4-9 mm Hg. Aim to exercise daily and not squeeze all of your exercise routines during the weekend. This may not be a good and effective strategy that can just add more risks.

A healthy diet can help make things work. Have more low-fat dairy products, whole grains, vegetables and fruits in your fridge. Without or less saturated fat, this can already help lower your blood pressure to 14 mm Hg. 

Track your drinks. Alcohol taken in small amounts may help lower the blood pressure by 2-4 mm Hg. However, too much of it can also cause your blood pressure to go high and even higher. Reduce your drinking and if you stop, do not engage in binge drinking if you cannot avoid drinking occasionally.

Do not smoke and do not expose yourself to secondhand smoke. You may think you are safe because you do not smoke, but exposure to it can still cause your blood pressure to go up. Inhalation of secondhand smoke also poses health risks.

In addition to regular visits and appointments with your doctor, you may also want to have full support from your families and friends. A sudden change in a lifestyle that you have been following for many years can cause frustration and depression. Their support can help you get through this as you lower blood pressure.

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