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Learning to Diet to Lower Cholesterol

A diet to lower cholesterol can be the much needed boost that you need. Without taking action, your condition will not get better. The best way is to start taking charge the moment that high cholesterol rears its ugly head. Here is how you can do that through your diet.

Cholesterol Control: Work Your Diet To Lower Cholesterol

Start your diet right by removing these sources of bad cholesterol.

Trans fats. These boost bad cholesterol, increase your tendency of developing blood clots and lower your resistance against inflammation. 

Saturated fats. Present in palm oil, milk and red meat cause your cholesterol levels to spike. You can substitute these with healthier choices such as the use of olive oil instead of butter. Instead of the whole milk, pick skim or low fat milk. Eat more extra lean ground beef instead of the regular.

Step up to the challenge by introducing these healthy foods into your diet to lower cholesterol.

Fiber and supplements. Soluble fiber is your ally for it helps lower your cholesterol. Supplements are also good for they give the process an extra nudge.  

Soybeans, soy milk and tofu. Daily consumption of soy protein daily can lower your cholesterol levels by 5-6%, especially when your daily intake amounts to 25 grams.

Oats, barley and whole grains. A bowl of oatmeal for breakfast or a cold based cereal can bring soluble fiber in your diet to lower cholesterol. Throw in some strawberries and bananas for more flavor and vitamins. Barley and whole grains are also good for these lower your risks of having heart diseases. 

Apples, citrus fruits and grapes. These have pectin which is another kind of soluble fiber that helps reduce cholesterol.

Eating your way to getting loads of bad cholesterol is easy. It can be difficult to start living and eating healthy to put your high cholesterol levels to rest but it is still possible. Put all these together, except for the ones you need to remove, and you have a strong diet to lower cholesterol that can protect you from its continuous rise.

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