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Learning the Truth about Dieting and Diabetes

If you learn that you have diabetes, you may immediately think that there are foods you can never eat again. Your doctor may even tell you this. Say goodbye to all desserts, potatoes, breads, and anything else with a lot of sugars and carbs in it. But this type of approach to diabetes isn’t just wrong, it’s also really impractical. In fact, trying to be on a very restrictive diet leads people to having major cheat days, and unlike dieting to lose weight, these cheat days can really damage the body.

The truth is that a diabetic can eat a lot of the same foods, they just have to be careful about how much they eat in one setting. The true key to diabetes management is moderation. Have a small piece of cake at your birthday party, but don’t have a large slice or go back for seconds. A scoop of mashed potatoes at Thanksgiving is fine, but you may want to avoid the potatoes, stuffing, and bread all at once.

Another thing many diabetics think is that all carbs are bad. It is true that many carbs do cause blood sugar levels to spike, but it’s also true that you simply can’t cut out all carbs from your diet. The body does need them to function. That’s why you need to look for whole grains. These carbs contain a lot of fiber, which the body also needs, and affect blood sugar differently. They tend to cause more gradual rises, so it’s possible to control it better. If you substitute whole grains for things with refined carbs in them, you’ll be fine.

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