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Learning More About Medication for High Cholesterol

If you are not fully aware about medication for high cholesterol, then you will not know what you should and should not be taking. Patients need to know that no matter how much lower cholesterol medication they are drinking, they should make some major lifestyle changes. For cholesterol levels that aren’t that high, healthy diet and exercise can be enough to regulate and maintain a lower level. But for those who have levels that are through the roof, they need medication. 

Getting Deeper Into Meds

There are so many medication for high cholesterol variations that it’s almost hard to tell which is which. Of course, the main function of these medications is to lower the levels of the patient’s blood cholesterol. The most commonly recommended drug is Statins because they are the only kind that has been directly associated with a lower risk of stroke and heart attack. But if you are at risk for a side effect that is very serious or your cholesterol levels do not respond to the statin therapy, then your doctor could change your prescription to a natural cholesterol medication. 

Listed below are a couple of medication for high cholesterol kinds and short descriptions so you would know the effect that your meds are doing to your body: 


Statins operate in the liver as they prevent cholesterol from forming. This action lowers the cholesterol circulation amount in the blood. This drug class works best in lowering bad cholesterol or the LDL. It also has good effects on raising good cholesterol or the HDL and lowering blood fats, also called triglycerides. 

Selective Cholesterol Absorption Inhibitors

This is a new class of medication that lowers cholesterol. It works by not letting the intestine absorb cholesterol. This works best for lowering bad cholesterol (LDL) and triglycerides, and also raises levels of HDL. 


Resins are another kind of medication for high cholesterol and it mainly operates in the intestines. There are many Resins brands that are available in the USA and other countries as well. 

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