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Learn the Difference Between Potent Acai Berry and Blueberries

Acai berry and blueberries are both highly effective fruits for healthier body. They supply plenty of nutrients to the body and fights diseases.

Acai berry and blueberries are the fruits you should eat everyday if you want to achieve optimum health changes. The berries are known for delivering high amounts of vitamins and minerals. Each of the fruits also promises health recovery in the safest and most natural possible.

You could determine which one is best for your current health needs. You simply have to know what each berry can do and how the fruits differ from one another.

Nutritional Content Difference of Acai Berry and Blueberry

Acai berries are relatively known as newly discovered healthy fruit but it already amazed researchers with its rich compounds. It is a powerfully healing fruit abundant in antioxidants. Its antioxidants include powerful anthocyanins.  Acai berry's antioxidant content is high, surpassing grapes by up to 10 times. Apart from its antioxidants, Acai berry also has protein, dietary fiber, vitamin C, thiamin, vitamin B12, riboflavin, and vitamin B6 among others.

On the other hand, blueberries contain anthocyanidins or phytonutrients. It has vitamins C and E. Apart from its antioxidants, it also contains dietary fiber, manganese, and protein.

Competition on Free Radical Neutralization

Many people consider blueberries for a healthy body but they often prefer Acai berry for high amounts of antioxidants. If you want to fight away free radicals, Acai has more concentrated amounts of antioxidants compared to any fruit.

In total, Acai berry has 33 types of antioxidants. Each of its antioxidants has specific health purpose such as lowering cholesterol level, protecting cardiovascular health, improving blood circulation, and fighting away aging signs.

The Berry Choice for Weight Loss

In terms of weight loss, both berries could perform well in reducing excess weight in your body. However, if you are in a strict calorie counting scheme, blueberry is a better choice. A cup of raw blueberries can provide 84 calories, which is lower than 125 calories in an equivalent amount of Acai berries.

In addition, a cup of Acai berries will provide 28.8 carbohydrates, which is higher than 21 grams in raw blueberries. If you hate fat, blueberry will give you no fat but Acai berries will.

Extreme Health Protection Bout

Acai berry and blueberries are both options for fighting away diseases. However, if you want to fight numerous deadly diseases, Acai berry is best. It contains ellagic acid and high vitamin C amounts that could boost immunity effectively.

Studies have also been conducted, which proved suppression of cancer cell growth is done by Acai's compounds. It also consists of polyphenolic compounds that reduced proliferation of cancer cells by up to 86% in Journal of Agriculture and Food Chemistry study.

Furthermore, a cell-concentrated treatment is done by Acai berries. It contains anthocyanins that protect the cellular system against free radicals at a greater level.

Now that you know who is the clear winner, take advantage of obtaining Acai's prowess with oral supplements. Organic and Kosher Certified PURE Freeze Dried Açai Berry Powder Scoop could provide you 100% pure Acai concentrations. The organic supplement guarantees Acai berry health benefits simply by taking daily doses.

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