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Kidney Cysts: Should You Be Alarmed?

Kidney cysts are sacs filled with water that form in your kidneys. Having one does not really mean that you will already have cancer, as some of these cysts are benign or not cancerous. They will not even cause problems, unless they start growing and become infected. If you suspect yourself having these cysts, here are some of the symptoms you should know.

Signs Of Kidney Cysts Your Doctor Wants You To Take Note Of

Your urine is dark colored or there is blood in it.

You experience frequent urination.

You have a fever accompanied with extreme pain.

The pain that you feel is on your back, belly or the side between the hip and ribs.

What Will Your Doctor Do When You Have Kidney Cysts?

If all tests will confirm that you do have the cysts, here are some of the possible recommendations.

No treatment or surgery required. This is only applicable in your case if you do not experience any of the symptoms or your cyst is just small.

Scheduled MRI or CT scan. You may be asked to undergo a CT scan in about 6-12 months if you have a small cyst.

Surgery. This is only given as an option if you start experiencing extreme pain or discomfort due to the cyst. This is also needed if the cyst keeps on becoming larger.

Foods to Avoid If You Have Kidney Cysts

If you have these cysts, you can change your diet to control the symptoms or slow down its development through these means.

Canned foods, meals with table salt, corned beef, pork sausage, fried fish, cheese and other salty foods should not be eaten because these can increase blood pressure. 

Colas, tea, coffee and other foods with caffeine should be avoided. 

Foods that are high in protein like nuts, seeds, tofu, egg whites and pork loin may need to be avoided if the function of the kidneys is impaired by the cysts. 

It will also help to talk with your doctor about your diet. Other health conditions which may affect your meal choices should also be discussed. These measures will help you keep nourished and healthy while you manage your kidney cysts. 

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