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Is Cancer Treatment or Prevention Possible With Natural Supplements?

Cancer treatment is highly possible with the consumption or usage of herbal supplements, which contain compounds that hamper carcinogenic activities

Natural cancer treatment is most sought today for it seems to be the safest possible way than chemotherapy or radiation. For sufferers of the deadly condition, natural treatment could free them from complications. Complications are often obtained when the remedy uses chemicals or procedures that may bear on other areas of the body badly. This is the reason why cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy may also develop other diseases.

Cancer prevention or possible treatment could be done with organic supplements. There are no further proofs that herbs, spices, or fruits could treat the problem. Nonetheless, the organic solutions contain nutrients that can keep your body protected thus making it stronger.

There are several natural solutions that could serve as organic supplements for cancer including the following:

Huang Qi

The herb comes from China and is one of the most effective boosters of the immune system. Huang Qi or Astralagus is necessary in promoting interferon production which could boost your immunity against bad cells. MD Anderson Cancer Center in Texas conducted a study on the herb's effectiveness. Results showed that Astralagus is capable of making your Radiotherapy's efficiency doubled.


The natural solution comes from Curcuma longae which are usually used to make curry powder. Other than its cooking application, it is rich in agents that fight inflammation, parasites, and microbes among others. In terms of cancer, turmeric may inhibit tumor-feeding capillaries, tumor division, and the increase of cancer cells.


Garlic may simply be a staple for cooking, but it does not mean its anti-cancer properties are weak. Research showed that it contains organosulfur constituents that are helpful in fighting carcinogens and factors that weaken the immune system.


Ginger is also another herbal solution for probable cancer prevention. It contains zingerone and gingerol, which are rich in properties that fight inflammation and antioxidants. Bethany Smith, RD, a Georgia Cancer Specialists nutritionist, claimed that ginger has properties that can protect you from cancer.


Rosemary or Rosmarinus officinalis is rich in medicinal properties. It has caffeic acid and rosmarinic acid that are antioxidants and anti-inflammatories. The herb can avoid cancer triggers and get rid of oxidative stress in your body. A study on skin cancer in mice showed that rosmarinic was able to suppress tumor development and fight away inflammation. Rosemary is also noted for its carnolos that can neutralize breast cancer-triggering toxins.


The whole tree of Guyabano or Graviola can provide anti-cancer properties as scientific studies proved. It has compounds that boost immunity, kill malignant cells, and prevent attacking healthy cells.


Bloodroot contains compounds that fight against cancer tumors. Moreover, research reported that it could also be helpful in fighting skin and breast cancers by shrinking the damaged cells.


The wild marjoram herb can protect from cancer with its carvacrol compound, which is also known as monoterpenoid phenolic. It is helpful in reducing carcinogenic heterocyclic amines formation.

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