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Interesting Reasons Why Strong and Toned Is the New Sexy

There is a reason why more and more people are aiming of having toned muscles. This post tackles why having a strong body is considered sexy.

Gone were those days when skinny was considered sexy. Today, it is the strong individuals who are gaining popularity whether in social media or in a real setting. As a matter of fact, the Facebook newsfeed is almost always displaying pictures of men and women with toned muscles every day. In the past, muscular women were called unattractive but now, a female with abs is considered hot and sexy. No wonder why people flock to the gym to workout. Even gym establishments are also growing by the number.

It feels amazing and inspiring to see women lifting weights in the gym. Strength training surely has tremendous health benefits. However, a strong body goes skin deep. It does not only refer to toned killer abs or a bikini-ready body. Here are some reasons why muscle is good and why we should start aiming for a toned body.

You Can Wear Whatever You Want

Flabby arms and bulging tummy prevent women from wearing their desired fashionable clothes. Instead of choosing fitted dresses, most probably they will end up picking loose garments. On the other hand, having toned muscles makes a woman look fit and healthy. The feeling of disappointment and insecurity of wearing clothes that you have always wanted will be eliminated.

It Will Boost Your Confidence

Those sleeveless dresses and crop tops will no longer be a display in your cabinet. When you are toned, you can wear whatever you like and feel great about it. This boosts confidence and improves body image. There is nothing wrong with showing off the result of your hard work, just do not overdo it.

Improvement of Performance

Strength-training exercises increase stamina and tone muscles. This will improve your ability to endure challenging activities. When you get used to heavy objects, it would be a piece of cake to perform household chores that involve lifting. Your improved muscular strength benefits your overall performance.

Promotes Good Posture

There are muscle-toning exercises that improve posture particularly those that target the abdominal muscles and upper body. Standing weight-bearing exercises strengthens the bones which also affects posture. This is proven by an article published by New York Times which revealed that such type of exercises are very beneficial to all ages including the elderly because it improves muscle strength and balance which decreases occurrence of fracture.


Sexy is in the discernment of the beholder. However, if it concerns health and fitness, being strong and healthy is more appropriate. There are numerous benefits of being toned which is why it is so obvious that majority of guys and girls are going crazy of working out regularly. To simplify it, muscle is sexier than fat.

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