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Indispensable Factors that Affects Mental Health

There are factors that affect our mental health. Here are some causes that influence our psychological, social, and emotional health.

Mental health is one of the aspects of our well-being that is most often neglected. Despite the growing number of people suffering from mental illnesses, the awareness about the ways on how to improve mental health is still scarce. In comparison to the overflow of gyms and fitness studios, there are only few health clinics that focus on how to boost psychological well-being.

Below are some factors that influence the state of psychological, social and emotional well-being of a person.

1. Physical Causes

Our mind and body are designed to work together. If our body is experiencing problems, our mental health can also suffer. Notice that it is easy for us to get angry when we are not feeling well. As a matter of fact, disorders that affect the Endocrine system are linked to depression and anxiety problems. Physical affectations can result to poor mental health. In some cases, causes such as birth trauma or brain injury can ruin the normal chemistry of the brain that results in occurrence of mental illness. This necessitates treatment for both physical and mental health.

2. Social Causes

A healthy relationship is proven to better overall health. When it comes to mental health, good relationships prevent anxiety and other psychological problems. It reduces stress and people who have a good relationship with others are more likely to live longer. On the other hand, poor relationships could lead to depression and loneliness.

In addition, when children feel loved by their parents, they feel safer and more secured which develops a positive relationship not only with the family but also to other people. However, to those who were abused at a very young age, they are more likely to feel low self-esteem and depression which could develop to mental disorder. The bottom line is, to improve mental health, support plays a vital role.

3. Activity Level

Regular exercise does not only help our physical wellbeing because it also benefits our mental health. For one, exercise is a good antidepressant. When we feel depressed, stressed or frustrated, one of the most effective ways to release the tension is through workout. Exercise releases happy hormones known as endorphins which make us feel happy and euphoric. Moreover, physical activity helps prevent cognitive decline and boosts overall mental performance.

4. Lack of Sleep

It is known that people who are suffering from anxiety, depression, and bipolar disorders are usually sleep deprived than the general population. However, according to studies, those who sleep inadequately are also at risk of developing some psychiatric disorders.

Sleep is as important as eating or drinking. When we snooze, our cells undergo rebuilding and repairing. People who sleep less than the recommended hours of sleep are prone to having poor mental health and weak immune system. In order to promote slumber, practice suggested sleep hygiene techniques like sleeping in a dimly lit room and listening to relaxing music.

As mentioned, mental health is vital to our overall well-being. To prevent the development of mental disorders, it is necessary that we put in mind the factors mentioned and apply the suggestions to maximize its benefits.

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