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How to Use Dietary Supplements Safely for a Healthy You


Use of dietary supplements became a fad especially these days where more and more people are becoming concerned about their general well-being. It is common to hear how certain supplement is able to cure a chronic condition and how it can drastically improve the quality of our health. However, tons of dietary supplements are available in the market, and information on which one is the best for your condition becomes confusing. It is hard to filter which product offers genuine health benefits. Knowing more about when to use dietary supplements will help you make a better choice on which one could benefit you the most.

Basic Facts That You Should Know About Dietary Supplements

According to Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act of 1994, a dietary supplement is defined as products that contain one or more dietary ingredients intended to supplement one’s diet. This comes with the exception of tobacco products. Dietary ingredients include the following.

  1. Amino Acids
  2. Minerals
  3. Vitamins
  4. Botanical or other herbal components

A supplement could be an extract, concentrate, constituent, metabolite, or a combination of the said ingredients that aims to supplement the food you eat by increasing the total dietary intake. It may come in a liquid, capsule, tablet, or pill form that is labeled as a dietary supplement. What is the use of dietary supplements will be discussed next.

What are the Health Benefits of Vitamins and Minerals

Based on National Institute on Aging, vitamins and minerals are micronutrients needed by the body to help make sure that it is properly functioning. Different vitamins have distinct jobs that could help you keep the nerves healthy, resist infections, proper blood clot, and absorb energy from the food you eat. The Vitamin E, for example, helps in the DNA repair and strengthens the immune system. The Vitamin A, on the other hand, aids in bone growth and healthy vision. The said roles of vitamins answer the question why use dietary supplements.

The minerals needed by the body come in varying degrees. The body needs larger amounts of potassium, magnesium, and calcium, while a small quantity of fluoride and iodine will do. A study also shows that appropriate doses and proper use of dietary supplements could also help certain mental disorders like anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder, trauma, and obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD).

Uses and Possible Dangers of Taking Herbal Supplements

Herbs, which are also known as botanicals, have been part of humanity’s health care regimen since the ancient civilizations. The World Health Organization reported that a large percentage of the current population still relies on the use of traditional medicines especially in China and Africa. While it is recognized that herbal medicines could help in certain conditions, it should be taken carefully if you are taking other prescription or over the counter drugs. To be safe, consult with your doctor first when to use dietary supplements before combining it with any medication as it could have an adverse side effect when taken together with other drugs.

Subsistence on food supplements alone is not advised. As the word implies, it only aims to supplement what you have been missing in your daily diet. However, taking the right dietary supplement that you need will not hurt. In fact, many people are taking Organic & Kosher Freeze Dried PURE Acerola Cherry Capsules to boost their immune system and stay away from the common illness like colds and flu. If you know how to use dietary supplements, you have no reason to worry about the side effects that it might bring.

These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. These products are not intended to treat, diagnose, or cure any diseases.