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How to Use Acerola Cherry as Scurvy Treatment

Acerola cherry is a plant that grows in the Western Hemisphere regions. The shrub-like acerola plant, which is said to have originated from the Caribbean and México, produces the acerola cherry.

Although the Acerola cherry looks like a cherry, it is not a real cherry. This fruit has a pleasant taste and is rich in Vitamin C. Acerola cherry is more potent in Vitamin C than oranges.

Vitamin C Deficiency

Your body needs collagen to repair body tissues in the cartilage, bones, tendons and ligaments, skin, teeth, and walls of the blood vessels.

Vitamin C is essential in collagen production. New collagen cannot be produced when there is not enough Vitamin C. This can cause your body tissues to break down and can affect the repair and health of your body. About three months of severe Vitamin C deficiency can lead to scurvy.

Symptoms of scurvy include tooth loss, bleeding sores, gum diseases, anemia, easy bruising, skin problem, as well as the general feeling weakness, joint and muscle pain, exhaustion or tiredness. Scurvy can also appear as tiny reddish-blue bruises on the skin.  

When not treated, Vitamin C deficiency can also cause nerve problems, difficulty in breathing, high fever, and convulsions. Although rare, Vitamin C deficiency may also cause bleeding around the heart and brain, which can lead to death.

Vitamin C deficiency can be confirmed through a blood test.

Acerola Cherry as Scurvy Treatment

Your body needs about at least 400 mg of Vitamin C daily. Your body does not produce Vitamin C so it will need to come from your food and supplements.

Acerola cherry provides the body with Vitamin C. It is the fruit that has one of the highest Vitamin C content. Including foods rich in Vitamin C in your diet can also help prevent scurvy.

Scurvy can be treated with the daily oral intake of Vitamin C supplements such as Organic & Kosher Freeze-Dried PURE Acerola Cherry Capsules.  Adults will need about 800 to 1000 mg per day in the first week and about 400 mg per day until the scurvy is completely treated. Children will need between 150 to 300 mg per day for a month.

Once the replacement of Vitamin C in your body has started the symptoms of scurvy will begin to disappear within a few days or sometimes weeks.

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