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How To Fight The Symptoms Of Diabetes And The Disease Itself

The symptoms of diabetes are commonly easy-to-miss, ignored, or misunderstood by many people. When ignored, the symptoms tend to worsen and would lead to complications or more serious health issues. The type 1 diabetes symptoms usually occur suddenly and more severe than type 2 diabetes symptoms.

Most Common Symptoms

The most common symptoms that diabetics ever experienced and health professionals ever recorded include excessive hunger and thirst, increased urination, fatigue, nausea, vomiting, unusual and sudden weight gain or weight loss. 

Deadly Complications

Some symptoms of diabetes type 1 can lead to deadly complications. Deep and rapid breathing than normal, along with sweet breath similar to the smell of nail polish remover will require immediate attention. This condition is called ketoacidosis, a type 1 diabetes symptom with potentially deadly complications. Other conditions like trembling, rapid heartbeat, sudden drowsiness, excessive sweating, and abdominal pain require an immediate consultation with a health professional. 

Skin-related and Gum Disease Symptoms

Moreover, diabetes has skin-related symptoms like itchy skin. Yeast infections such as vaginal infections are sometimes symptoms of the disease. People with diabetes, especially women go through difficulties in recovering from vaginal and bladder infections as the excessive amount of sugar in the blood hinders the body’s ability to recuperate from infections. 

Sexual Dysfunction

Some signs of the disease affect the reproductive health, especially among men who are 50 years and over. They may experience frequent or constant erectile dysfunction, which could be a sign of diabetes. 

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