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How Old Can You Start Working Out and Get 6-Pack Abs?

As boys get older, they want to get stronger and start a health and fitness regimen. Here's an article on the best age you can start working out.

You probably might have heard that doing weightlifting and working out early for children 12 years old and below can hinder their growth. This, however, is not true. You can start as early as 12 years old but the recommended age for starting a lifting program is between 13 to 15 years of age. However, building ab muscles is not an easy task. But with the right age, children can use weights to train their strength.

What Age Is the Right Age?

13-15 years old children are not recommended to start any hard resistance or hardcore training. Because they have developing bodies, it is recommended to start with light exercises such as light dumbbell exercises and small to medium resistance. Since the development level of each individual is different, it is recommended for younger teens to start light workouts and start increasing them as they grow older.

Children in their late teens have a better chance of starting and enduring a weightlifting program. This is because they have fully developed motor skills and body. They also have their hormones stabilized. However, the working out program should be kept at a minimum for the first few months and gradually increase the intensity of the program.

Things You Need to Consider

Another factor you need to consider though is the maturity of the child. They should have the physical and mental maturity to be able to cope and survive the changes that are happening in their body. Underdevelopment of the child's body can be deterrent in starting a workout regimen.

Once they start working out, make sure that they know how to use gym equipment properly. If not, they can inflict injuries or accidentally harm their bodies. Make sure they also have a healthy nutritional diet.

Weightlifting improves the muscle growth and strength, lowers cholesterol and increases your bone density. Aside from that, it can help overweight or obese children to lose weight and feel more confident about their body.

If you want to have your child get 6-pack abs but doesn't know when to start, the ideal advice is to ask them how they feel about their body and get a recommendation from their doctor. If they feel as if they're not ready yet, don't force them to do it.

Working out is not the only option for children to lose weight and build muscle. They can try any sport because being active in sporting activities enhances one's speed, strength, endurance, and coordination. Enrolling in track and field, cross-fit, running, baseball, football, soccer, and rowing are just some of the sports that promote an active lifestyle.

When you let your child start working out, make sure you both have healthy expectations about the results. Results don't easily come in and it takes a lot of commitment, patience and time for the outcome to show. Just remember that your main goal of working out is building muscle and shedding fat. Aside from working out, you need regular exercise and diet. Drinking Organic and Kosher Certified PURE Freeze-Dried Açai Berry Powder Capsules is also a great way to help you accomplish these goals.

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