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How Fruits and Vegetables Can Boost Your Psychological Well-Being

Recent studies show that regularly eating a variety of fruits and vegetables can improve our psychological well-being, increase our vitality and enthusiasm.

The positive effects of eating fruits and vegetables on our holistic health are proven by various studies. New research shows that the effect of fruits and vegetables when regularly eaten is not only limited to your physical health but it also positively affects your psychological well-being.

What We Know and What Recent Research Tells Us

It is a given that when you don’t feel well, it has a negative effect on your mental health. In order to improve psychological well-being, it is important that you also take care of your body by changing your unhealthy lifestyle, particularly your diet.

When we talk about psychological well-being, it is more than just the absence of mental illnesses because it also involves your feelings toward yourself and other people around you. Being psychologically healthy means that you are functioning well, hence you have a positive outlook in your life.

A study was conducted at the University of Otago where young adults were divided into two groups and they were made to follow an eating routine. Those who regularly ate two extra servings of fruits and vegetables showed significant improvements in their psychological well-being. This group exhibited enhanced energy and enthusiasm.

The researchers can’t exactly pinpoint how eating fruits and vegetable improve psychological well-being but because of this research, you’ll have more reasons to eat healthily.

Ways to Enhance Your Fruits and Vegetables Intake

Now that you know how to improve your psychological well-being with the help of a healthy diet, the next thing you need to know is how to modify your current diet and replace it with a healthy one.

  1. During every meal or snack, try to fill half of your plate with fresh fruits and vegetables.
  2. Buy fresh produce in season because during this time, they are cheaper.
  3. Keep fruits and vegetables snacks in sight. Pre-pack this produce and put it in your refrigerator so when you can easily grab a healthy snack when you’re feeling hungry.
  4. Prepare your food ahead of time. Even when you arrive from work exhausted and without the energy to prepare your food, you will have something healthy to eat. You just have to heat it and serve.
  5. Experiment using varied fruits and vegetables. Eating the same meal repeatedly can be boring, so spice things up by creating your own recipe using your favorite fruits and vegetables.
  6. Turn fruits and vegetables into smoothies. When you make smoothies, you can add other healthy ingredients such as honey and milk to add more flavor.

Learning this method on how to improve your psychological well-being is the easy part. The application takes a lot of self-determination.

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