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How Climate Change Affects Our Overall Health

The effects of climate change on health need to be addressed, especially since every year, more people are affected by this phenomenon.

Climate change is no longer a phenomenon found in books, but it's something that is now affecting not just the environment but our health, too.

Various studies suggest that there are various effects of climate change on health. It is important that we know the possible climate change solutions that we can contribute and how we can guard ourselves against the negative effects of the current situation.

What is Climate Change and Why is it Happening?

Climate change, also known as global warming, pertains to the surge in the normal surface temperature on Earth. According to many studies, over the past century, the temperature of the earth has gone up to 1.4° F, and it is expected to increase in the next few years.

The burning of fossil fuels, coal, and oil is the main cause of climate change. During the process of burning, greenhouse gasses are released and trapped in the atmosphere, and this causes the damage.

Climate change causes the rise in sea level due to the melting of the polar ice caps and other environmental effects. In the recent observation of researchers, they found that climate change causes negative effects not just on the earth but to human health as well.

Negative Effects of Climate Change on Our Health

Some of the bad effects of climate change on health include:

1. Trigger of allergies

The air quality is affected by climate change, and it can result in an increase in the production of allergens like fine particles and dust.
It is expected that as climate change worsens, there will be a rise in ground level ozone as well as the concentration of fine particles. When this occurs, it will then trigger various reactions such as congestion, throat irritation, chest pains, and more.

2. Cardiovascular diseases and stroke

Climate change causes extreme heat or extreme cold, and this can worsen cases of cardiovascular diseases. It is reported that extremes in weather conditions increase hospital admissions for causes like stroke, dysrhythmia, and other heart-related conditions.

3. Human developmental effects

Our environment can greatly affect the behavior as well as the development of humans. Climate change results in food insecurity and the development of food-borne illnesses which lead to malnutrition. For a developing fetus, this can have huge effects and can cause developmental deficits and low birth weight.

The effects of climate change on our health are alarming, and we need to help in addressing the problems. Think about climate change solutions that you can implement in your homes. This may not have an immediate impact, but later on, your efforts would make a huge difference.

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