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How Can Regular Walking Help Your Heart and Brain

There are numerous reported regular walking benefits and one that will surely catch your attention is its capability to improve brain functioning.

People are aware that exercise like walking can help your heart. However, recent studies show that it also has a positive effect on the brain.

According to the study, there are quite a few regular walking benefits, but one that stood out is its effect on the brain. When you follow a walking exercise plan regularly, the memory center in your brain is protected.

Current Discovery on the Brain’s Blood Supply

In the past, it was thought that the body involuntarily controls the blood supply to the brain. It was also believed that the change in blood pressure due to exercise does not have any effect on it.

However, the NMHU research study found out that when you walk or run, the impact produced by your foot results to a backward flow of the blood passing through the arteries. This would then lead to the syncing of the heart rate as well as the step rate.This leads to the regulation of blood circulation towards the brain.

For you to experience regular walking benefits, you should be able to create and follow an active walking exercise plan.

Learn About Several Effective Walking Exercise Tips

Here are some walking exercise tips which are very useful for people who are just starting with the routine:

1. Consult Your Doctor

Among all the other walking exercise tips, this is the most important. Regardless of what type of exercise you want to perform, you should always consult a physician. This is especially true when you currently have health problems or if you are recently recovering from surgery.

With exercise walking, you can regulate the progression of a disease like diabetes, arthritis and cardiovascular disease.

2. Invest in Excellent Walking Gear

Well-fitted shoes will prevent possible injuries hence it is an essential equipment that you should buy. Choose a shoe that fits correctly, and there should be no areas that cause pinching because this can result in blisters.

3. Always Perform Warm Up Exercises

Before you proceed to fast-paced walking, you should start slowly and gradually increase the pacing.

4. Rehydrate

Always bring water when you are exercising especially when you are walking long distances or when the weather is too hot.

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