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How Boredom Affects Your Health and Makes You Fat

Boredom is a normal feeling but if not addressed properly, it could lead to serious problems like overeating, drug abuse, and much more.

At one point in our lives, we have been bored and may have resorted to various measures that have negative effects on the body. Some people may have successfully managed boredom while others may be struggling which can lead to serious problems.

One reason why boredom is bad is because most people recourse to boredom eating which in turn makes you gain weight and eventually lead you to become fat and unhealthy.

Boredom or Emotional Eating: A Hard Habit to Break

Boredom can be classified into two kinds: garden-variety and anhedonia boredom.

Garden-variety boredom is a state where you lack pleasure or enjoyment. This type of boredom is temporary and is usually alleviated when you find a new source of pleasure. The period of this type of boredom depends on the person. Some have it shorter while others have longer periods of garden-variety boredom.

As for anhedonia, the person has decreased sensitivity to enjoyable experiences and this is mostly neurologically-based. When this form of boredom happens, the pleasure center of your brain does not react normally. As a result, people suffering from anhedonia show high rates of pleasure-seeking behaviors like boredom eating.

Surprisingly, anhedonia is a result of garden-variety boredom. The moment we rely on immediate basic pleasures to find boredom cures, our brains become accustomed to such things and we become immune. The brain then tries to trigger these reward buttons over and over again when nothing else is working. This leads to obesity, alcoholism, or cocaine use.

Different Ways to Inhibit Boredom and Boredom Eating

One strategy to keep boredom away is by dumping junk food especially those high in fat, salt, and sugar. When these kinds of food become a mainstay in your diet, it can affect your brain’s chemistry.

Another strategy to prevent boredom is by building an arsenal which includes different sources of pleasure. Your pleasure source should never come from a single activity because this can lead to over-reliance. Over-reliance causes the gradual reduction of the ability of your brain to enjoy things. When you have various pleasurable activities, you can prevent yourself from utilizing food as a boredom cure.

The last, but one of the most effective boredom cures, is to remove the same routine you are used to doing and try something new. The more we engage in monotonous activities each day, the higher chances we have of getting bored. Even small changes to your routine can go a long way. For instance, you can sporadically eat outside or in different rooms. By doing this, you are giving your brain different sources of stimulation.

Now that you know why boredom is bad for you, it is essential that you avoid having boredom episodes. Always find time to incorporate something new into your daily routines. Even in your diet and regular supplements, you can add something new like Organic and Kosher Certified PUtRE Freeze Dried Açai Berry Powder Capsules. This capsule is packed with vitamins and minerals which will give you your much-needed energy for new activities.

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