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How Acai Berry Is the New Way to Promote & Support Mental Function

Did you know that Acai Berry can improve mental functions, aside from boosting your immune system? Here's how this fruit promotes mental health.

Autophagy, the brain’s natural cleaning system, prevents cell degradation while recycling toxins. However, studies show that this mechanism slows down as we age, but according to another research, Acai Berry can improve and support the mental functions.

The Super Fruit That Comes From South and Central America

Acai Berries have been a staple food of Indians for many years. This purple grape is rich in antioxidants like anthocyanins, which you can also find in wine. Moreover, it is rich in Vitamin C that boosts your immune system.

Today, many manufacturers sell it in powder and capsule forms. That way, everyone who doesn’t live in Central and South America can get the nutrients of this fruit.

New Data on Acai Berries

According to research, the anti-inflammatory properties found in Acai Berry juice activate the microglia. This study shows that the fruit’s extract can generate cytotoxins. As a result, it prevents the release of pro-inflammatory substances such as TNF-alpha and COX-2.

The outcome of this study suggests that Acai can promote mental functions while aging, as it can fight oxidative and inflammatory mediators. These agents are responsible for cell degradation.

Furthermore, the extracts that have ethanol and methanol compounds showed to be the most efficient. The reason for this could be either the amounts of phytochemicals or the potency of these compounds.

However, their studies do not stop there. According to the conductors of the research, they found out which phytochemicals contribute to this effect. They want to know which substances are the strongest and the most efficient in fighting cellular inflammation.

Moreover, further research will show that an Acai Berry capsule can reverse or alleviate age-related cognitive or motor deficits.

How to Take Acai Fruits

You can eat Acai fresh, or add this fruit to your cereal. However, not everyone lives in the Amazon where this super fruit grows. If that is the case, then you can take the Acai Berry as juice or as a capsule. You just need to get a product of Acai Berry for mental health.

Unfortunately, not all supplements are effective. Some of them have side effects because they are synthetic pills. To ensure you get an all-natural supplement, make sure you choose the Organic and Kosher Certified PURE Freeze Dried Açai Berry Powder Capsules. This product has all the vitamins and minerals that you can get from Acai Berry.

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