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How Acai Berries Can Aid In Cancer Research

Acai berries and their true health benefits have been the topic of debate for many years amongst naturalist, nutritionist, scientists, and many people in the mainstream and alternative medical community. What has been solidly confirmed is that acai berries are packed with more antioxidants than many other berries of its kind like blueberries, blackberries, and strawberries.  It is also known that these antioxidants help to fight and keep cells healthy, but what about against the most deadly of diseases like cancer. Do acai berries and antioxidants truly benefits those who suffer tremendously at the hands of this disease? The results will shock you.


It has been researched and determined that antioxidants located in acai berries have the potential to kill cancer cells. This has been seen in patients who suffer from the leukemia form of cancer, and had the most benefit when done by in vitro. Additional research has shown that acai berries has the potential to kill cancer cells in the lungs as well. The question still remains how this is possible.


The power behind the acai berry’s heath benefits is the antioxidants and the amount present. Acai berries fight the free radicals in the body with a high dose of vitamin C and antioxidant power. Brazilian researchers, Brazil is where the berry is readily found, have found that acai berry’s have great benefit on the lungs and has shown to perk up a person’s immune system.  With a stronger immune system a person can fight cancer and simpler issues like the cold or the flu much better.


The acai berry is available in supplement form from various places online, health food stores, and even some grocery stores. It is also being mixed into certain juices, jellies, ice creams, drinks, and sauces to help those who can benefit from taking the berries without having to take another pill.


There is more research being done with the relationship between acai berries, antioxidants, and cancer, but the information that is out there now is extremely hopeful. The truth is as of right now, no food can truly be considered the singular or dominate cure for cancer, but it is the high concentration level of antioxidants that makes these studies and this research extremely valuable. It is worth the time, money, and effort if it can be used again such destructive and chronic conditions like cancer.