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How A Stress Test Can Be Linked Vs Heart Stress

What’s a stress test? It is used to help doctors assess your risk to heart disease and is usually done by a trained medical technician that will find out the level of stress that your heart can take before showing any signs of abnormal rhythm while functioning. Usually, the most common examination to determine stress is called the exercise stress test.

What Happens During a Stress Test?

During this examination, you will either be asked to walk on a treadmill or on a stationary bike, allowing your heart to work hard. This will make your heart to beat faster as you go on. It will determine as to what stress level your heart could take before it could experience any stress while you’re working out.

On the other hand, those patients who are known to have any medical conditions like arthritis may be prevented from taking the examination. In this case, you may be given a medication by your doctor to make your heart work harder, and that is called the pharmacological test.

This test may also be called a treadmill test, stress ECG or a graded exercise test. It will help your doctor have a clearer view of your heart condition, allowing him to see how your heart would respond to physical exertion.

What Are Types Of Stress Test?

Treadmill test. You will be asked to use a treadmill to identify your heart’s tolerance to stress, and from which you will be monitored as to how far you could walk. Your doctor will also assess any changes in your heart or any chest pain that you would suffer from during the test.

Stress echocardiogram. This is conducted to see your heart’s movement using a graphic outline. It can help visualize your heart walls pumping movement when your heart is under stress. The test may reveal a poor blood flow in some parts of your body.

Adenosine or Dobutamine Test. This is done for those patients that cannot be given the exercise test due to certain medical conditions. You will be asked to take some medicines that will enable your heart to beat faster and work harder. No exercise is required, but your doctor can still assess your heart’s tolerance to stress.

These are some of the most common test to check on your heart’s condition when under stress. 

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