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Honest and Essential Answers About Ulcers in Mouth

Apthous ulcers refer to those small and shallow ulcers in mouth that cause difficulty and discomfort in taking and eating. This is a common condition experienced by both children and adults. What should be in your arsenal of information if you are battling this type of ulcer?

Satisfying Your Curiosity About Ulcers in Mouth

Are there types of apthous ulcers? This ulcer can be categorized as simple or complex. The simple type develops about 3 or 4 times yearly, but only lasts for a week. If you are 10-20 years old, this is the ulcer most common to your age group. The complex ones are rare and only seen in people who had them before.

What causes their development? The exact cause is not yet discovered. However, its development may be due to tissue injury or stress. It can also be triggered by some acidic vegetables and fruits such as strawberries, tomatoes, lemons, pineapples, oranges, figs and apples. Ill-fitting dentures can also be a contributing factor.

Are cold sores and ulcers in mouth the same? These are different with cold sores being contagious and looking like a blister filled with fluid. It is also occurring under your chin and nose or around your lips.

What are the typical symptoms that signal that you have apthous ulcers? You can experience a painful sore in your mouth, cheeks, soft palate or tongue. It can also be round in shape and gray or white in color with a red border or edge.

What are its severe symptoms? When the attack is severe, you will experience fever and physical sluggishness. You will suffer from swollen lymph nodes.

What are the most effective treatments? Sores can heal in 1-2 weeks, even without treating them. However, an antimicrobial mouth rinse, prescription medication or a corticosteroid ointment may be recommended if dealing with large sores. 

Bonus: Ulcers in Mouth Prevention

Increase your body’s immunity. This will help your body become more effective in fighting infections and healing your sores.

Another helpful tip is to consider the use of dietary supplements that have the cats’ claw bark. This is an herb that may help fight inflammation, bring sexual enhancement and prevent gastric ulcers. If you also do not know what is a cat’s claw and its potential benefits, it may also be an ally in dealing with pre-existing medical conditions that may increase your risks. It may be used to deal with diabetes, arthritis and rheumatism.

You may also want to start taking a supplement that contains graviola. Research has shown that a graviola may be able to provide you with a number of benefits.

Avoid chewing gum if this causes irritation. Avoid spicy or acidic foods for these can also irritate your mouth. 

It is still best to monitor ulcers. If you have been suffering from them for a while or noticing that they are developing more frequently, create a timeline that you can present to your doctor so a proper diagnosis can be made.  Severe ulcers in mouth can be discomforting and can be signs of other medical complications so early medical help can bring much improvement.

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