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High Blood Pressure And Pregnancy

Many pregnant women suffer from a number of maladies before they give birth. Some come down with gestational diabetes, while others find themselves unable to eat much of anything without vomiting. Some, however, find that their blood pressure has greatly spiked. It becomes much higher than it should, and then it stays there. There are a number of different myths connected to this, myths that too many mothers-to-be believe. Fortunately, your doctor will be able to explain how high blood pressure is affecting you and what you can do about it. However, it's still a good idea to know about the myths.

The Baby is in Danger

This is actually not always true, although having high blood pressure is certainly a concern that needs to be addressed. But many women freak out and automatically assume that their baby is going to have some kind of issue because their blood pressure isn’t normal. Relax and let the doctor help you. This is especially true if your blood pressure is simply elevated, not in the dangerous zone.

When your blood pressure is high, your baby will not get the vitamins that they need in order to develop. This is why it is something to be concerned about, and if your blood pressure remains elevated for an extended period of time, expect your doctor to take precautions.

The Baby Will Be Born Prematurely

It is true that high blood pressure can lead to premature birth. But it’s also true that there are many other things that can also cause a baby to be born earlier than expected. High blood pressure is often blamed because it’s something that can easily be measured, but there can be other factors involved that lead to an early birth.

For those with regular high blood pressure, the doctor may suggest inducing labor a little earlier simply to prevent more complications and to make certain that the baby is receiving all the nutrients necessary. Once the mother has given birth, the doctor will most likely put her on a blood pressure medication to help regulate her blood pressure levels. Many of these treatments cannot be done while the baby remains in the womb.

The Baby is Starving

Another myth is that if the mother has high blood pressure, she is no longer creating enough nutrients for the baby. The placenta is pulled away from the fetus due to the tension caused by high blood pressure. This does happen, but it doesn’t mean that the mother is no longer producing nutrients. However, it is a concern that needs to be addressed. There are a number of things that the doctor can do to help ensure that the baby is getting the food he or she needs.

Remember that high blood pressure while pregnant is actually fairly normal, but it’s not normal for it to go from elevated to dangerous. When that happens, it will have to be dealt with.  Talk to your doctor about taking graviola supplements.  They have been shown to have some beneficial properties, and your doctor can help you decide if they are right for you.

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