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Healthy Spring Produce You Should Include in Your Diet

Incorporating various spring produce in your regular diet can help you stay healthy and fit because these fruits and vegetables are packed with nutrients.

Spring season is the time when we do a thorough cleaning to get rid of the things we no longer use. It can also be a time to go through your pantry and kitchen to remove everything unhealthy so you can start fixing your diet. It can be a dreadful period because of all the work which needs to be accomplished.

Instead of focusing on things that need to be done and the food you need to get rid of, think about seasonal spring produce that you can include in your diet. During spring time, you can find the best vegetables to include in your diet, and this is something you should look forward to.

During this time, the temperature is warmer so vibrant, and fresh spring produce which is packed with nutrients are abundant.

Spring Produce You Should Look Forward to During the Season

The variety of spring produce is what makes the season exciting especially for those who want to adapt a healthy lifestyle.

Here are the best vegetables to include in your diet:


The presence of asparagus in grocery stores and markets is one of the first signs that spring is starting. Asparagus is not only a delicious vegetable, but it is also packed with health benefits.
This vegetable contains vitamins fiber, folate, and vitamins A, C, E, and K. According to some studies, asparagus contains a detoxifying compound that assists in breaking down free radicals and carcinogens. This is the best food to include in your diet if you want to reduce your risk of developing cancer.


Peas are available all year round, but it reaches its peak around April until July. Just like other legumes, peas have very low-fat content but are high in fiber and protein. It contains vitamins B and zinc.


Radish is a nutritious root vegetable which you can eat raw in salads or as part of main dishes. It is packed with flavor but low in calories. Eating just one cup of radish will already give you 30% of your daily vitamin C requirements and just about 25 calories.

The Different Fruits That Are Abundant During Spring Season


Apricot is one of the most versatile fruits which was originally cultivated in China. When you eat 100 grams of this fruit, you can already get 12% of vitamins C and A, as well as 6% of potassium with only 50 calories or less.


Aside from the vitamins found in this fruit, it also contains antioxidants, particularly vitamin C and other phytochemicals. These two components are responsible for neutralizing the effect of oxidants. As a result, it rejuvenates the system.

Strawberries also have iron, a mineral that helps control the proper functions of the brain and the nervous system as a whole.


In the US, cherry is considered to be the favorite summer fruit, and because of this, about 370 million pounds is grown every year. This fruit is packed with powerful antioxidants like cyaniding and anthocyanins. These antioxidants help prevent cancer and other diseases caused by free radicals.
If you closely look at all of these spring produce, one common component they have is the antioxidant. This compound helps our body avoid serious conditions. The good thing is that even during the different seasons, you can still get a high dose of antioxidants by taking Amazon Thunder - Organic Supplements so you can stay healthy all year round.

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