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Healthy Food Trends That People Clamored for in 2016

Know how the internet helped us be more mindful of healthy eating and lifestyle, as well as which healthy food trends dominated our lives this 2016.

In our fast-paced society, we see trends come and go, particularly in the food industry. People seem to re-enter the period of exploration and experiential age, where they seek discovery, adventure, and innovation when it comes to food. But as individuals become more health-conscious lately, we see healthy food trends in 2016 dominating the scene.

How the Internet Peaked Our Interest in Healthy Living

We saw how the internet influenced our lifestyle and living in general. People nowadays are becoming more educated than ever, and it persuaded how we decide on a variety of things using the information we get from the internet. In terms of nutrition, we are now more aware of the consequences of our unhealthy choices. We also know how to read symptoms and observe the right diet and regimen for early disease prevention.

Even on our daily meals, we tend to explore the internet for new recipes to try, as well as the ways to give our usual meals a "facelift". Because of these, our tastes became more discriminating and specific. And as health and fitness becoming a thing right now, we also turn out to be more wary of what our and our family’s healthy food choices.

Healthy Food Trends That Dominated 2016

As the year is nearing to wrap-up, let us take a look again on which healthy food trends that dominated our 2016:

  1. Sweet-savory food combos

Innovation is one of the prevailing characteristics of food trends, in general, this 2016. Health-conscious restaurateurs didn't pass the opportunity to re-create healthy versions of those. We saw savory pancakes, popcorns and even dips and salad dressings.

       2. Japanese-inspired bento boxes

Bento boxes became a hit, especially for parents who want to encourage their children who are picky eaters to try something new and healthy once in a while. Bento boxes are basically composed of a number of dishes, supposedly completing a balanced meal. We saw a lot of creativity, inventiveness, and nutrition in these complete meal boxes.

      3. Craft and fruit-infused wines and beers

Who said alcohol is unhealthy altogether? Since humans couldn't resist a sip once in a while, innovative minds made a "healthy" version of it. Fruit juices make up for the nutritional value, and its natural sweetness made it more appealing to people eventually.

      4. Food swaps

Zucchini spaghetti? Cauliflower rice? Tofu steak? We saw how chefs re-invent vegetables and non-meat foods to mimic the taste and texture of the "real thing". And its success also encouraged more vegetarians, as well as food lovers, in the process.

Health Supplements That Became Popular in 2016

People who are dead-serious about their health and fitness did not pass on getting into the bandwagon of health supplements. It was shown in the rise of "superfoods", which were conveniently infused in health supplements like Organic and Kosher Certified PURE Freeze Dried Açai Berry Powder Capsules. These superfoods like acai cherries are said to be scientifically proven to contain generous amounts of vitamins, minerals, and nutrients essential for our holistic health.

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