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Healthy Detox Methods for Safe and Long-term Weight Loss

Approach weight loss safely and healthily with the proper diet, exercise and natural detoxing through juicing and taking natural supplements.

Weight loss has been subjected to a lot of controversies lately since it is surrounded by a variety of products claiming to be the "miracle" we are all been waiting for. We see celebrities endorsing supplements, juicing and detox programs in which they claim to owe their slender figures from. No wonder that we mere mortals wanted to join the bandwagon immediately, seeking the same results.

Juicing is a method wherein instead of consuming a variety of vitamin and fiber-rich foods, we blend them all together and turn it into liquid form. This way, we can conveniently "gulp" everything at once, and help our stomach digest it faster. Consuming these juices on a regular basis is said to yield instant weight loss. A range of detox programs with different fruit or vegetable compositions are good for weight loss, clearer skin or detoxification.

How detox helps weight loss? When used to detox, juices are meant to be consumed alone - no other foods will be taken for a specific period. There is nothing wrong with juices as they are packed with vitamins and minerals that our body derive the same from the food we eat. But the risk comes when we only down juices, that is, without solid foods. It is rather an extreme approach, and quite impossible to sustain long-term.

Detox for weight loss is a natural result of liquid diet, because of the dramatic decrease of calories we intake. However, our bodies aren't designed to tolerate it for an extended period of time. It will make us weak, lose our focus and stress us. Our natural inclination to solid foods will deter us from reaping long-term wellness from a liquid diet. Once we go back to the "natural way" of consuming solid food, there is a possibility to regain the weight and pack a few more.

Detox using juices is meant to "spring-clean" our system by flushing out the toxins so that our glands can function efficiently again. It can still result in weight loss since toxins are one of the indirect cause of weight gain and obesity. Toxins may harm our thyroid glands and slow down our metabolism. This causes us to retain unnecessary fat, resulting in weight gain. Not too long, we may develop obesity, which causes a lot of health complications.

The safe approach is to combine bouts of detox with proper diet and exercise. It is also best to make the juices on our own instead of buying. Not only it is less expensive, we can also be sure of the quality of the fruits and vegetables we use.

For people who lack time, there are a lot of detox and health supplements like Organic and Kosher Certified PURE Açai Berry Pulp Puree Liquid available in the market. Acai berries are known for its antioxidant properties, which is essential in battling free radicals from toxin build-up. Acai berries for weight loss though isn't a miracle product, but it can help us achieve our goals faster.

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