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Healthy Beverage Alternatives

In the first two parts of this three-part series, we discussed why drinks high in sugar and fat are bad for you and which ones are some of the worst offenders. The truth is that sugary beverages can have an incredible impact upon your health, and in a very negative way. At Amazon Thunder, we value your health too much to not attempt to post a few bits of advice and information regarding unhealthy drinks. In the final part of our series, we’re going to give you some great, healthy alternatives to sugary drinks that can help you improve rather than harm your overall well-being.


It might not seem like it, but tea can make an awesome alternative to soda! In fact, you can create your very own healthy sodas at home. Just take your favorite flavored tea and prepare two bags in three cups of boiling water. Once the tea is done, put it in the refrigerator to cool and chill. Now pour in about a cup of soda water or sparkling mineral water. Just like that, you’ll have a delicious drink that’s healthy as well as tasty! And the best news is that it’s free of additives like artificial coloring or heaps of sugar.

 Fruit Syrup

When you’re looking to add some flavor to homemade soda or another beverage, consider investing in some unsweetened, squeezed fruit syrup! This tasty syrup avoids the sugar overload that fruit juice can often contain per glass and helps spice up a variety of drinks. If you’re attempting to cut down on particularly sweet treats, this might be just the thing you need to help find a healthy alternative to kick your habit.

 Coconut Water

The next time you’re tempted to grab a sports drink or an energy drink, consider grabbing some coconut water instead! It’s a natural beverage made from a single source, and you can drink it right out of the coconut. It’s lower in sugar than many drinks, and will help you recover from exercise and build some energy thanks to its high level of potassium. Coconut water is a tasty drink that works in a variety of recipes, too, such as smoothies or coffee.


We hope you’ve found our series helpful! It’s never too late turn over a new leaf and trying something new. Consider some healthy alternatives to sugary drinks and see how your health thanks you!