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Handling Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome is a real issue, although it’s one that’s hard to diagnose. Some people would say you’re simply tired or aren’t sleeping right, but that’s not always the case. Sometimes chronic fatigue isn’t the result of something simple. Sometimes it’s an issue unto itself. If you have these eight official chronic fatigue symptoms, you should take steps to overcome this issue:
• Still feeling tired after sleeping
• Having a headache
• Feeling extremely exhausted for more than 24 hours after physical activity
• Enlarged lymph nodes in the armpits or neck
• Strange muscle pains
• Pain that seems to travel between joints without any inflammation or redness
• Sore throat
• Difficulty concentrating or loss of memory
• Chronic, long-term fatigue

How can you deal with this issue? Doctors will probably want to put you on sleep aid medication or even antidepressants. But these treat the symptoms, not really the disease itself. They can also lead to issues of their own, such as developing a dependence on the sleep medication. Here are a few different natural things you can do to battle chronic fatigue syndrome.

• Avoid caffeine. It will only mess with your system and can make your sleep habits worse. Likewise, cut out alcohol and stop smoking. Doing so will help your body regulate itself better.

• Try to sleep at the same times every day. Getting on a schedule can convince your body that certain times are for sleeping.

• Don’t overdo it. If you try to keep your activity levels about the same each day, you won’t have as many highs and lows.

• Reduce your amount of stress. Let yourself relax.

You may also want to start taking a supplement that contains graviola. Research has shown that a graviola may be able to provide you with a number of benefits.

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