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Habitually Taking Your Supplements

One of the most difficult things about taking a supplement is remembering to actually take them. It can be difficult to get into the habit of taking supplements every day, especially if you’ve never taken a multivitamin or other daily supplement.

How do you get into the habit of taking these capsules? There are a few different things you can do. One is that you can always take them at the same time every day. Most people take their multivitamins with breakfas. Some people take the supplement throughout the day, too.

Another way of making sure that you take your vitamins is to use a pill sorter. This will help you remember if you’re taken the supplements for the day or not. It’s also a good way of reminding yourself that you need to take them—you can put this pill sorter somewhere where it will be in plain sight, such as by your wallet or keys. You might keep it at work and have it on your desk or put it right by the coffee pot if you’re a big coffee drinker (which is bad for you, but that’s a different blog post).

Some people add alerts to their phone so that there’s an audible reminder to take their supplements. No matter what you do, you need to get into the habit of always taking your vitamins around the same time every day. Once you’ve gotten into the habit, it will be much easier to always take the supplement every day.

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