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Guyabano as an Anticancer Agent: Making a Leap in Health Care

Guyabano as an anticancer agent made a spotlight in the medical field as soon as researchers concluded this remarkable finding.

Yes, you heard it right! Well at present, scientists continue to explore the mechanisms on how guyabano as cancer treatment works in the human body.

What Is Guyabano?

Guyabano is also known as pawpaw fruit, soursop, or guanabana; and it is widely known as graviola. Guyabano is native to the rainforests of Africa, South America, and Southeast Asian countries.

For years, people grow guyabano commercially to make it into juices, candies, sorbet, and ice creams using its sweetness and distinct flavor to attract the consumer.

However, what does guyabano do to contribute to human health?

Health Benefits of Guyabano

The fruit is rich in antioxidants that help in the killing of harmful and toxic compounds which can cause some severe damages to human cells. Studies also show how these antioxidants help in the risk reduction of several diseases such as heart diseases, cancer, and diabetes.

In a different study, the researchers also concluded that guyabano has profound antibacterial properties. In that particular study, the compounds extracted from the fruit had effectively harmed multiple types of bacteria such as those causing gum diseases and tooth decay.

Moreover, experts explored the inflammatory properties of soursop using test animals. They have concluded how guyabano is useful in the relief of inflammation in mice. These results can be used for further studies to treat arthritis in humans in the future.

Guyabano as an Anticancer Agent

Guyabano for cancer treatment is one of the most significant out of all the benefits of this fruit. In a particular study conducted in the year 2016, researchers found out that one of its extracts was toxic to some breast cancer cells, thus making guyabano as an anticancer agent.

Moreover, the components of the fruit led to an increase in the level of T cells. T cells are the substances in the body that target cancer and damaged cells to prevent its spread to healthy cells.

Guyabano in the Market as an Over-the-Counter Supplement

Because of its noteworthy effects, marketers found a way to let the fruit enter the industry and extend its impact on the public through the formulation of guyabano juice and guyabano supplements.

Because of the fruit’s natural antibacterial properties, manufacturers recommend guyabano supplements be taken with probiotics (such as yogurt) to maintain the normal count of bacteria and yeasts in the body.

Guyabano as an anticancer agent is widely available in different forms such as Organic and Kosher Certified Freeze Dried PURE Soursop - Graviola Capsules (also known as Graviola - Soursop - Guanabana and Guyabano) which is 100 percent pure and natural.

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