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Guanabana Leaves: Can They Kill Cancer Cells?

Are you looking for a way to revitalize your health but not comfortable with the conventional healthy foods? Here’s something new, or rather something not popular enough for many people – guanabana leaves! This organic product has a lot to offer, ranging from treatment of bacterial/fungal infections, up to curing stopping the development of several forms of cancer. It is in fact, one of the most controversial plants because of its healing wonders.


The Healing Properties of Guanabana


Guanabana leaves and fruit are rich in various vitamins and mineral, including vitamins A, B1, and B2. Several laboratory and field studies done in many parts of the world have also proved that guanabana, also known as soursop, has ant-inflammatory, antileishmanial, antinociceptive, anti-diabetic, and cytotoxic effects. Nevertheless, what makes this tropical product become more and more popular as an organic health product is the strengthening theory that guanabana has anti-cancer properties. This also explains why the number of guanabana cancer treatment products released in the market has continuously increased ever since it was claimed to be more effective than traditional drugs for chemotherapy. Other than that, guanabana’s proposed antic-cancer properties have also contributed to the widening awareness of turning into organic products for healthy living.


Does Guanabana Really Treat Cancer?


There are still ongoing studies intended to prove whether the guanabana plant can indeed cure cancer. Although none of them have yet concluded that, it is 100% advisable to have guanabana for cancer treatment, the fact remains that this wonder fruit can miraculously stop the development of cancer cells. The scientific explanation is still out of hand to humankind to date, but as long as one has been confirmed to be not allergic to this fruit or plant, there’s no harm in trying to take guanabana leaves in the hope of solving a certain cancer problem. In addition, it should be noted that too much consumption of guanabana could be harmful to one’s health. Just like the ongoing research about guanabana’s anti-cancer properties, scientific studies are currently identifying the threats associated with guanabana consumption, especially the symptoms leading to Parkinson’s disease.


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