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Graviola Supplements - On Safety, Cost, and Effectiveness

Graviola supplements have been sprouting like wild mushrooms all over the world. In fact, you can even grow a graviola tree in Australia, which is why we will be discussing the safety of taking in this supplement, along with its cost and effectiveness. Research has shown that a graviola supplement may be able to provide you with a number of benefits.

Taking Graviola: Will It Be Safe?

A lot of experts have been issuing warnings about taking in graviola products. As mentioned earlier, although there have been extensive research on this matter, there have been no experiments made on human yet, and making the assumption that the effect on animals would be the same with humans would be irresponsible.  

Studies about graviola supplements have also shown that people who eat the fruit all the time could develop movement disorders that are very much alike with the symptoms of Parkinson’s disease. The stems and leaves of the fruit have also been connected with neurotoxicity, which can become very dangerous if left uncontrolled. 

But there have been a lot of people who take graviola supplements for a while now who have not experienced these side effects. That is probably because they pick the ones that were made from 100% natural ingredients.

Is the Cost Worth It?

The prices of graviola supplements vary from the kind to the manufacturers. A typical 250mL Graviola fruit juice would cost around $35 while supplements would be around $40. Now depending on your intake rate, these prices are pretty cheap considering the health benefits that you could get from the soursop. It is definitely much cheaper than branded medicines. 

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