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Graviola And Your Health

At Amazon Thunder, we understand that you take your health seriously. Every choice that you make regarding what you put in your body is one that should be carefully pondered. When it comes to supplements, it’s important that you take your time to find the supplements that will work for you – and every supplement should have a purpose. Sometimes people amass a huge quantity of supplements they take daily, and that’s not always necessary or effective. It’s far more effective sometimes to just take a few supplements that each have a defined purpose. To help you find one that meets your needs, let’s take a look at the boons of graviola!


Also known as Brazilian Paw Paw and Sour Sop, graviola is an incredibly useful little plant. It has been used in ancient medicine recipes for a very, very long time. It has a great number of purported uses, in fact, and has been touted as an effective remedy for everything from depression to parasites. Why should you consider taking a graviola supplement?



One of the anecdotal uses of graviola is its ability to help soothe arthritis. This can be done by applying the fruit, or a poultice made from the plant, to the outside of the affected areas. It can also be achieved by ingesting the fruit and allowing it to aid in the reduction of inflammation.


Bacterial Infections

Another incredibly useful aspect of the graviola plant is its ability to help treat skin issues such as those that stem from bacterial infections. Graviola contains certain properties that work to relieve symptoms as well as the cause of these infections in certain circumstances.



Another purported use for graviola is as a cough suppressant. If you find yourself dealing with a persistent cough, you might consider taking graviola to try and help end it.


In general, graviola is an excellent supplement that can help you maintain great health from a variety of ills. If you’re interested in trying out graviola as a supplement, take a look at our options!