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Gout Cure 101: Graviola for the Treatment of Gouty Arthritis

When people talk about arthritis, they don’t realize that it is more of a general term that refers to pain and inflammation. One form of arthritis that is popular among men and old people is gouty arthritis, which is caused by the precipitation of uric acid. Some countries use graviola for the treatment of gouty arthritis.

Uric Acid and Its Sources

Uric acid is synthesized through the metabolism of adenosine and guanosine. These are two purine nucleosides that make up uric acid. More often than not, uric acid is acquired by consumption of legumes, seeds, internal organs, peanuts, and mussels. Uric acid is usually excreted in the urine and is not often reabsorbed through the renal tubules.

However, some conditions make it difficult to excrete this metabolic waste, which causes it to crystallize in the blood of an individual. When crystallization occurs, the product is insoluble which causes the uric acid to build up, causing inflammation of the joint fluid. Having gouty arthritis is painful, and most doctors believe that it is impractical to perform the surgical removal.

Gouty Arthritis and Its Treatments

In modern medicine, gouty arthritis is treated through a series of medications to reduce the pain and inflammation. Other countries that still practice holistic medicine, however, suggest the consumption of tea from graviola leaves to cure this affliction.  Although this isn’t normally suggested, it is believed that the best way to reduce the risk of gouty arthritis is by changing what you eat.

As mentioned before, gouty arthritis is caused by the overproduction and underexcretion of uric acid. Uric acid is often synthesized through the consumption of a high-protein diet. Most doctors will inquire if an individual is on a high-protein diet before ruling out the factor of uric acid as a causative agent for gout.

Consuming graviola for the treatment of gouty arthritis may seem dubious to some, but it wouldn’t cost as much to try this method.

Taking medications can be expensive, and it doesn’t work immediately.  Homeopathic treatments like graviola for the treatment of gouty arthritis may work for you, but it all depends on how often you take it. Products like Organic and Kosher Certified Freeze Dried PURE Soursop - Graviola Capsules ( also known as Graviola - Soursop - Guanabana and Guyabano) may be the answer to your prayers if the graviola tree is not readily available for your use.

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