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Good Habits For Lowering Your Blood Sugar

There are a number of good ways to lower your blood sugar. Do you practice any of them? Of course, following one of these habits is simply not enough to magically lower your blood sugar. Fortunately, if you follow a number of them, you can actually lower your blood sugar and keep it low. Here are a few different tips that you need to follow if you want to keep your blood sugar low.


Get in the habit of exercising. Before you exercise, however, you need to test your sugar levels first. You shouldn’t exercise if your blood sugar is too because you may feel weak, shaky, or otherwise hurt yourself. However, proper exercise can help reverse your body’s insulin resistance so the hormone is used more effectively. Physical activity and building your muscles are ways of lowering your blood sugar fast because your muscles require more glucose or energy.

Eat Better

Eat foods that will help lower your sugar levels. Foods that will help with this include onions, avocado, cinnamon, garlic, black or green tea, and vinegar. Eating proteins with carbs can also help you balance what you eat, which may help keep your blood sugar from rising too much.

Cut down on the carbs and the sugar. Candy, cakes, sodas, and juices should be avoided. Drink more water instead—this can help dilute your high blood sugar. You may also want to re-examine the foods in your current diet because they may be why your sugar levels are always higher than normal. When you select fruits, pick those that have a low glycemic index. Fruits are high in natural sugars, so you don’t want to eat those that will spike your blood sugar quickly.

Monitor your carbohydrate intake on a daily basis. Pasta, rice, and bread are high in carbohydrates, which in turn causes your blood sugar to go up. When you do eat carbohydrates, pick whole foods such as white bread, brown rice and whole sweet potatoes.

Remember to get a good amount of fiber in your diet. This can help lower your cholesterol levels and blood pressure in addition to helping with your digestion. Typically found in vegetables and fruits, fiber also makes you feel satisfied for a longer period so you do not feel the need to eat all the time. This makes fiber rich foods as a good weight loss aid.

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Remember to Monitor Yourself

Finally, remember to monitor your condition regularly. When your blood sugar increases, ask yourself what you’ve eaten or done recently that could have caused a spike. This way, you do not just eat foods that will help reduce the levels but you can also avoid those foods and situations that can cause the problem.

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