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Forming Your Personal Plan

If you’re overweight, don’t eat right, or just feel plain unhealthy, you need to sit down and create a health plan that’s personalized to your body and your needs. You might do this on your own, or you might work with a doctor, a personal trainer, or a nutritionist to do so. No matter how you create your plan, you need to make one so that you will stop being unhealthy. It’s very easy to get sick or develop a life-threatening disease if you don’t change your life for the better, and the first step to that is having a plan.

Follow Through

Some people make the decision to get healthy, but then they don’t follow through with it. That’s why making a plan is important: it helps you stick to it. If you have a written list of what you need to do to get healthy, it’s a lot easier to follow it. You’ll know what you need to do instead of just having this nebulous idea of “I need to get healthy.” You can even set deadlines and start out small. Here are a few tips for creating your health plan.

Make your Goals Realistic

If you want to cut out all sugar and gluten and exercise three times a week right off the bat, you’re probably going to fail. That’s a lot of large changes to try to make, and it’s very hard to stick with such large changes. Instead, start off cutting back on sugar and doing some low-impact exercises like walking. You need to build up your strength and shift your food cravings slowly. If you set unrealistic goals, you’re really setting yourself up to fail. You can also hurt yourself very badly if you try to do too much exercise right away after periods of inactivity. Your muscles need time to adjust to activity.

Find a Workout or Diet Buddy

While you can certainly get healthier on your own, some people find it much easier to do with a friend or family member. This gives you someone to lean on when you need it. It’s more difficult to blow off a workout when you have someone meeting you at the gym. Being accountable to someone else is a great motivator. Your spouse may be the ideal workout or diet buddy, but a co-worker, friend, sibling, or other family member can also be a great asset.

Don’t Fear Failure

It’s okay to miss a workout every now and then or cheat on your diet. Don’t fear failure. Don’t let one cheat day or missed workout make you abandon your entire health plan. Keep at it! A setback isn’t the end of your plan to get healthy.

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