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Foods to Avoid When Suffering From Stomach Ache

Treating a stomach ache without medicine is possible if you know which food to avoid and to consume while you are experiencing this physical ordeal.

A healthy digestive system is vital, but we often neglect our health. Our digestive system only gets attention when we experience problems, particularly when we need stomach ache relief. It’s a good thing that you can cure a stomach ache without medicine because most of the time, problems of the digestive system are not serious and are easily managed.

There are certain foods which are recommended to be eaten for stomach ache relief while there are also those which need to be avoided.

Different Foods that May Aggravate a Stomach Ache

1. Dairy Products

The first food to avoid with stomach ache are those which contain dairy like milk and cheese. People who are lactose intolerant are mostly the ones who must avoid consuming dairy products because their body is not able to produce the enzyme that helps digest food containing lactose.

Individuals who are suffering from stomach pains should also temporarily avoid eating dairy products. This is because there are certain bacteria in dairy products that cause stomach aches. These bacteria will affect the lactose-digesting enzyme called lactase and could aggravate the pain when anything with dairy is consumed.

2. Soda

People would usually blame soda’s carbonation in relation to the worsening of a stomach ache. But it’s actually the sodium benzoate and the citric acid in soda that’s causing the problem. These chemicals may put undue pressure on the stomach because it makes you feel full.

3. Fatty Foods

Another food to avoid with stomach ache are fatty foods like meats, soft cheese, and cream. These foods are high in fat, and they activate the chemical receptors found in the lining of the stomach. It slows the emptying capability of your digestive organ thus causing bloating.

4. Spices

Food with spices should be avoided, especially by those who are not used to eating spicy food. The chemicals found in spicy foods are stomach irritants which can cause inflammation in the stomach’s lining.

Stomach Friendly Food When Experiencing Abdominal Pains

These are the food you can consume to help alleviate stomach pains:

1. Banana

Bananas are rich in pectin, an element which helps make stools firm. This fruit is good for the digestive system because it is easily digestible.

2. Papaya

This tropical fruit contains chymopapain and papain which are enzymes that promote digestion and at the same time helps alleviate constipation. Even those who are not suffering from stomach pains can still benefit from eating papaya because it can maintain a healthy acidic environment.

3. Ginger

Eating ginger or drinking ginger tea does not only help ease nausea but also enhances your digestive health. You can also chew pieces of ginger or take any herbal supplement containing ginger.

4. Herbal tea

Tea, particularly chamomile and peppermint, is known for its healing effect on the digestive tract. According to studies, peppermint stimulates the antipain receptors found in the colon.

If you want to cure a stomach ache without medicine, you should be conscious of what you are eating. It will also help if you take vitamins and supplements to help you get the nutrients from the food that you have been avoiding. Supplements such as Organic & Kosher Freeze Dried PURE Acerola Cherry Capsules can help you get your daily antioxidant needs.

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