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Fighting Leukemia With Natural Solutions

Leukemia is one of the most serious diagnoses a person can get. This type of cancer attacks the bone marrow and the blood, destroying white blood cells and leaving the person at risk of infections. Medical science has yet to determine the exact cause of leukemia. In fact, there are several different types of leukemia, and the causes of all of them are unknown, although some factors such as being exposed to radiation, smoking, and coming into contact with certain chemicals are believed to play a part in the contraction of this disease.

Leukemia is very difficult to cure, which is why diagnosing and beginning treatment as early as possible is key to overcoming it. There are a number of different treatments for leukemia, but they have serious side effects. Chemotherapy, surgery, and bone marrow transplants all may help defeat the disease, but they can all leave the patient exhausted and, in some cases, even worse off than they were before they began treatment. In fact, people who have gone through chemotherapy or radiation treatments for other types of cancers are at risk of developing leukemia, so it’s not the most ideal treatment!

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