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Fight Cancer With Wormwood

 There are many plants, herbs, and supplements out there that have been researched and tested to determine how healthy they are for the body; ailing and healthy. There is one herb that is known for recreational use, but has been found to have more health benefits than ever thought before.


There are a few things Pablo Picasso and Vincent van Gogh had in common. They were both immensely talented artist, but they also both had a taste for the absinthe. Absinthe is a very old version of an alcoholic beverage. It contains wormwood, fennel, and anise. Absinthe is illegal in the United States, but one of its ingredients is giving people who suffer with chance a chance to beat the disease.


For years wormwood has been used to get rid of intestinal worms like tapper worms and roundworms, but recent studies have shown that wormwood may even kill cancer cells. Scientist have been testing the herb, and found that the wormwood extract artemisinin kills iron-enriched cancer cells in the breast. It attacks the cells similar to the way it attacks the parasites. Artemisinin is becoming an option as a natural cancer treatment for some women who suffer from breast cancer.


Wormwood has also been use to lessen and completely eradicate the symptoms of Crohn’s disease.  Crohn’s disease causes inflammation of the bowels, and the lining in your digestive tract. The inflammation often affects deep layers of the bowel tissue causing painful and sometimes life-threatening complications. Crohn’s disease it typically treated with steroids to keep the inflammation down, but after taking wormwood there were many patients whose symptoms went into almost complete remission. This powerful herb is also used to treat different problems like stomach aches, flatulence, anemia, insomnia, anorexia, and indigestion.


This fascinating herb is available in capsule, tablet, and liquid extract form.  The actually wormwood plant is not illegal in the US, so you have the opportunity to use it fresh picked directly from the plant, or you can take it dry form so it can be brewed like tea. The dried form is recommended if you are taking it to soothe stomach ailments or reduce bloating. If you are suffering from worms or parasites, or are using the herb as a part of you natural supplements to fight against a serious disease then it may be best to take a capsule or tablet of the powder.


It is obvious this herb can help a lot of people, but no matter what you are taking it for make sure to consult your medical provider before you start on a regimen.