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Feeding Your Emotional Health

Being physically healthy is important. You have to exercise, eat right, and keep your vices to a minimum. If you don’t, you’re likely to get sick more often, develop chronic issues, and more. Physical health is very important, but there’s another aspect of your life that you have to keep healthy: your emotional health. If you aren’t both physically and emotionally healthy and happy, your life won’t be balanced, and you’ll discover that it’s much more difficult to feel good.

Energy and Motivation

If you’re upset emotionally, you’ll find that you often feel less energetic or have no motivation. That’s because our emotions can drain us of energy. Being sad, angry, or depressed can lead to physically being ill. These emotions, when they are the driving force behind your mood for multiple days, can actually cause your immune system to become weaker. This is in part because we tend to eat less and be less active when we are emotional. The germs and bacteria that get into the body then have an easier time reproducing and causing illnesses.

Being depressed is something like a never-ending cycle: you feel sad or upset, so you don’t go out or do anything fun. This makes you even sadder, especially if you know people are out doing things and you’re not. Your depression then gets worse, so you have even less energy or motivation.

Manic Moods

On the other hand, it’s possible to be too happy and bouncy. You can actually end up feeling manic, and that can be almost as bad. Instead of having no energy, you bounce all over the place, trying to do too much. The end result is that eventually you do come down from a high, and then you crash. Those who are bipolar bounce between severe depression and incredibly manic periods, and it’s not healthy.

Handling Emotions

What can you do to make sure you’re healthy emotionally? You need to know how to process your emotions and how to get to the root of them. If you’re angry, ask yourself why. What’s the cause of this anger? If you’re sad and depressed, what put you in this mood, and what can you do to process the feelings? How can you work out your anger, sadness, jealously, or other emotions?

Sometimes, you may need to talk to a professional to handle these emotions. Working with a counselor is a very good way of working out what has caused you to have the emotions you’re currently experiencing. If you can discover the cause and find a way to healthily deal with it, you’ll find that you start to feel much better fairly quickly. Sometimes all it takes is getting to the root of the issue.

Finding the cause of your more positive emotions can be just as helpful. What makes you feel happy? Calm? Satisfied? Figuring this out is a good way of working to include those root causes in your life more, especially when you’re upset.

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