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Fast Food Society: How Our Modern Lifestyle Affects Nutrition

Understand how our society and lifestyle can shape the way we approach nutrition and wellness, and pass it on to our children in the process.

With so many things that keep us busy nowadays, we look at convenience and practicality as our priorities to stay "productive" and keep our sanity. The demands for a sustainable lifestyle amidst materialism are hard to achieve without us burying our heads in working for extended hours, leaving us terribly exhausted. We don't have time to exercise, we indulge in fast foods and our children are engrossed on gadgets that leave them sitting all day long. We are in a fast food society, and our modern lifestyle affects us in many ways, including our wellness and nutrition.

Nutrition in the Formative Years

Advocating for good nutrition can start as early as your child is born. How nutrition impacts health is why doctors encourage full breastfeeding for the first year of life, and even beyond. But in some cases that mothers cannot breastfeed, there are available formulas on the market that contain the recommended amount of nutrients and vitamins for infant development. At this point, a mother can still control and sustain the dietary requirements of her child. But, when the baby is ready for solid foods, the struggle starts.

Nutrition is acquired and starts on the day we introduce solid foods to our children. What they see in us - including our food choices and eating behavior, they will most likely to adopt too. School-aged children are more prone to poor food choices because of the influences of their environment, which now spans from home to the school and peers. This is where the society brings the greatest impact to the overall nutrition for kids.

As parents, we cannot force choices and control our children's mindsets because it can discourage them from being independent. Instead, we can influence and lead them to select healthily and wisely. Exposing them to different kinds of edibles can widen their options later on. Nutrition shouldn't be strict and can be made as an enjoyable experience for you and your children.

The Fast Food Society

Sadly, an overwhelming number of people are living and keeping up with a fast food populace. It shapes our diet without us even realizing, and there are food manufacturers who can trick us when it comes to nutritional values. We tend to choose what's popular, cheap, convenient, and super-sized. No wonder we see that obesity has become one of the fastest rising epidemics in the world today. And the bottomline is poor food choices.

Of course, it is not easy to maintain a healthy diet and nutrition for life, especially on a daily basis. It is also unhealthy to deprive ourselves and our children of cravings once in a while. We can strive for balance by being educated, and in giving enough time to prepare our food. There are also different vitamin and health supplements we can incorporate into our diet like Organic and Kosher Certified PURE Freeze Dried Açai Berry Powder Capsules. Just make sure to seek a doctor's advice before starting taking any food or health supplements.

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