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Family Health

healthYou want everyone in your home to live a long, happy life. But you can’t control them every moment, especially when they’re at school, work, or staying over at a friend’s house. When children become teens, it gets even worse, and you have to begin accepting that they’re about to be an adult who can make their own choices. But you can give them the knowledge and tools necessary to stay healthy and be good people. Here are some things all parents can do to teach their kids about health.

Get the family active

Kids are becoming more and more obese today, and part of it is because they don’t get as much exercise as kids used to get. They sit around playing games or watching TV with the adults in the family. But don’t just tell kids that gym class is important or that they need to exercise. They need to see you doing it, too. Have the family go on walks together or get a dance video game to enjoy as a family. Exercising together is often more fun than doing it alone, anyway. Plus, unless you’re hitting the gym or doing some type of exercise regularly, you probably need to get up and move around more, too.

Keep hydrated

Teach them about drinking water instead of those horrible sugar-filled and caffeine-filled beverages. It’s important that everyone drink a good amount of water each day. The eight cups a day rule isn’t exactly right for everyone (it depends on weight), but it is a good target. Do something like only water for dinner or that the family can only have water after a certain time at night. Again, the parents need to follow this rule, too. It will make everyone a little healthier to follow this rule.

Take supplements

Take a good multivitamins. Older kids and teens can take regular multivitamins, while there are special chewy or gummy vitamins for younger kids. This is especially important because a number of children don’t get the amount of vitamins and minerals they need to support healthy growth.

Go to the doctor

Instill a feeling of ease and understanding between your children and their various health care professionals. Kids shouldn’t be afraid to visit the doctor, dentist, or any other professional. Talk to them about what these people do, and have the professional do the same. Make sure your children understand everything that’s being done and that while, yes, some things may hurt, it’s only temporary.

Make health fun!

Don’t say things like “if you don’t eat your broccoli, you’re not getting dessert!” This is only going to make your child hate broccoli and give them the idea that eating healthy is a type of punishment. Instead, work with your kid to create healthy meals that everyone likes. That doesn’t mean your children control the kitchen—they are going to have to eat some things they don’t necessarily like, but talk to them about eating right and about what can be done to make healthy foods taste good.

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