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Facts and Hacks: What You Need to Know About Acerola Cherry

Acerola cherry, Barbados Cherry, or West Indies cherry – it may have different names, but what is known everywhere in the world today are the incredible acerola cherry health benefits that you would surely enjoy.

What Are Acerola Cherries?

If you haven't heard of them before, you are probably thinking, "What are acerola cherries and why should I be interested in them?" The name is a little for confusing or even funny to some because while it is called cherry, acerola is actually not really a cherry but a berry.

Where Did Acerola Cherries Come From?

Acerola cherry plants are believed to have originated in the Caribbean and Southern Mexico. For many years, locals have known about acerola cherry health benefits that many people are only recently discovering.

Here are some of the traditional uses of the acerola cherry:

  • for diarrhea

  • for coughs

  • for colds

  • for dysentery

  • for liver ailments

Facts and Hacks: Which Are True About Acerola Cherries?

Because of the recent popularity of acerola cherry supplements, many are now wondering which among the information they are getting are true and which are just hyped marketing strategies. Take a look at some of them.

Fact: Acerola Cherry Can Improve Skin

Acerola cherry is an effective astringent. That means it can help with certain digestive issues. But aside from that, it can help treat blemishes on the skin and improve its elasticity. There should be no doubt that consuming acerola cherry for skin care is an effective choice.

Hack: You Can Take as Much Acerola Cherries as You Want

Due to their high vitamin C content, you should not take excessive dosages of acerola cherry supplements. Make sure to follow dosage recommendations and general guidelines when taking them.

Hack: Acerola Cherries Are Effective Antidepressants

There is no research available on this claim yet. It would require extensive studies to prove it, so do not be misled by such claims. But there are a lot of real acerola cherry health benefits that make taking supplements of it worth it.

Fact: Acerola Cherries Are A Great Help During Flu Season

As mentioned, acerola is exceptionally high in vitamin C and antioxidants. Therefore there is truth to those claims that taking acerola cherry supplements for flu is not a myth, as it can help you avoid respiratory problems.

Hack: All Acerola Cherry Supplements Are Just The Same

You will surely find acerola cherry products that are less expensive, and you might find their low prices tempting. But those products are cheaper for a reason - their quality is also inferior. It may be that they contain minimal amounts of acerola cherry or the quality is not good. It may be that there are more additives than actual acerola in the product!

When choosing supplements, you should always go for 100% organic ones like the Organic and Kosher Freeze-Dried PURE Acerola Cherry Capsules. This product is certified organic and free from harmful synthetic contents, so you get the benefits of acerola cherries with no worries!

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