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Factors That Can Influence Your Health

If you’re someone who’s looking to maintain as good of health as possible, one thing that you must be taking into account is your immune system. Your immune system is going to play a very large role in how you feel on a day to day basis, and when it’s down, don’t be surprised if you find yourself falling ill far more often and just not having the energy to get through all your daily activities.
Most people don’t realize that each and everything they do is going to influence their immune system, and as such, they aren’t taking the steps they should be to enhance it.
Let’s walk you through the top lifestyle factors that you should consider that will play a key role in your immune system strength.

The very first and possibly most important factor to get into alignment if you want a strong immune system is your sleep habits. If you aren’t sleeping at least 8 hours a night, it’s time to start or your immune system will be sacrificed.
The sleeping period is when you go into deep recovery mode, so without sufficient sleep, you’re definitely not going to be recovering from all the day to day stressors that were placed on your body.
While one night of not as much sleep as you should be getting won’t be too big of a deal, let this go on all week and you’ll feel it.

Next you have alcohol. Here again, one drink isn’t too big of an issue but if you’re regularly consuming three or four drinks multiple times throughout the week, you can bank on the fact that your immune system isn’t going to be functioning as well as it should.
Alcohol is a toxin in the body so each time it comes in, the body is going to have to deal with it. This means more of a stress load on you and your immune system.
Smoking is just as bad. It can destroy your lungs, make it hard to breathe, affect the heart, and do much more. Smoking is simply toxic to your body, and it’s going to really damage your immune system. You’ll find that you have almost a permanent cough if you smoke a lot, and you’ll get sick far more often.
Intense Dieting

Intense dieting is the next challenge your immune system may face. Remember, the less fuel you take in, the lower your overall energy reserves will be to deal with all the damage that takes place to your body throughout the day.
If you’re hardly taking in enough fuel to keep your basic systems functioning optimally, you can’t expect to be maintaining a strong immune system.

Finally, stress is the last issue that you may face that is taking a toll on your immune function. Stress is an overload to your system and will weaken any otherwise strong immune system in a hurry, causing you to fall ill far more frequently.
Practicing good stress management techniques can help you effectively combat this.

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