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Eye Health 101: How Graviola Promotes Good Eyesight

Until today, the public continues to question how graviola promotes good eyesight. Along with the other benefits of the fruit, graviola is somewhat famous for the wonders that it can bring when it comes to health.

The natural components of the fruit make its benefits more promising that even the larger public are now taking a graviola supplement or are drinking graviola juice drinks.

But, how does graviola promotes good eyesight and provides other health benefits?

What is Graviola's Contents?

Graviola has a lot of antioxidant substances. It contains beta-carotene, zinc, and vitamins C and E. All these particular antioxidants work together to improve the overall eye health.

All these nutrients are essential in helping balance out the toxic substances in the eyes and preserve those healthy eye cells. This balance will lead to prevention of cataracts and other eye-related diseases. This is how graviola promotes good eyesight and excellent eye function.

Other Graviola Benefits

The benefits of graviola also include the natural anti-inflammatory action of the substances in the fruit. In the traditional African treatment, graviola is used to manage arthritis, rheumatic pains, and neuralgia.

Studies also show that graviola is an excellent antibacterial agent to counteract infections caused by bacteria and parasites. Moreover, the fruit is known to treat ulcer by suppressing the damages in the stomach's lining and preserving the mucus present in the lining.

Graviola and Cancer

Currently, experts are continuing their studies regarding the effects of graviola in treating cancer.

In a study published in the Journal of Medicinal Chemistry, the researchers found out that graviola is effective in killing and suppressing the spread of breast cancer cells. In another study conducted in 2012, graviola was able to stop the tumor growth of the pancreatic cells.

Although there are multiple studies of graviola used in treating cancer, there are still no clinical trials for the fruit to be called as an anti-cancer agent.

Final Thoughts on Graviola

Health enthusiasts have been promoting graviola in many different ways such as supplements, juices, and smoothies since the fruit is limited to some places. 

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The idea that graviola promotes good eyesight is entirely convincing because the fruit actually contains rich sources of carotene – the same substance found in carrots that improves the overall health of the eyes.

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